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PSP rules SR2067 job arson
On Friday April 17, at 0931 hrs, the 1804 box was transmitted for the working residential fire on SR2067, Gibson Township.  As units responded, Susq Communications updated the Chief on the confirmed fire in a two story residential. Chief 18-1 added additional resources on the response. 
Harford 11 arrived on scene establishing the “2067 command” confirming a working basement fire with limited access.  HE4 arrived placing a 2” attack line in service with L18 laying out approximately 600’ of LDH and setting the truck to go to work.  T18 picked up the lay and established water to the scene.  E24, HE4 and L18 held the fire to the basement with only smoke damage to Division 1. Additional resources were added to assist with an extensive overhaul.  Units cleared at approx 1200hrs.  Another example of an excellent mutual aide system – nice job to all involved. PSP Fire Marshall ruled the fire arson. This is the second arson fire at the location in less than two years. Photos

First due working fire
On Monday, April 13,  as crews were starting night two on the Pump Operations program, the 1805 box was transmitted for the possible structure fire on Tinkerbrook Rd, Clifford Township.  On the assignment:  E24, E41, E52, L18, L43, R18, T18, T24, T52, 18-9 and 24-9. 

Communications advised this was a third party call and unknown if it was the structure or a brush fire near the residence.  B18-3 was added to the run.  18-11 marked on scene within minutes reporting the two story residential with smoke issuing from the eves.  The assignment was upgraded requesting two additional tankers and the next due truck. 

Chief 18 marked on scene establishing the “Tinkerbrook Rd” command confirming the working two story residential with heavy smoke showing and a working fire on division 1, unknown extension to division 2.  L18 arrived with crews stretching an 1 ¾” to division 1 and setting the main aerial for vertical ventilation. 
T18 secured the initial water into the ladder.  E24 arrived sending crews to assist in suppression while the engine laid 1200’ to E52 that was establishing water from a nearby source.  E41 arrived and handled horizontal ventilation of Division 2 and also assisted in suppression. 
L43 established the RIT and completed the laddering of the structure while Car 43 handled accountability.  A total of three lines were placed in service to complete the knockdown and overhaul.  E63 and HE4 assisted in the overhaul operations.  Units cleared in about 2 ½ hours. 

The PSP Fire Marshall will be investigating. A great job by all departments involved. 

Command  Chief 18 - Operations   Chief 41 - Accountability Chief 43 - Photos

T- 18 back!
After a long wait, the new tanker 18 was placed into service Saturday afternoon, March 21.  This project started back in September 2007 when Station 18 was awarded a DHS/FEMA grant to replace our 1989/1976 4guys rig that was experiencing catastrophic superstructure decay. The new tanker was ordered in February of 2008 with expected delivery in late summer 2008.  In March of 2008, serious structural compromise was found on the old rig and it was removed from service at the end of March.
As the delivery date approached, so did the setbacks.  Multiple delays played into what became a very long and unexpected wait for the new rig.  Finally, on Monday March 14, the new tanker rolled into town.  During the week, the rig was outfitted with equipment and personnel trained on the rig. Crews assembled at the station Saturday morning for another work detail and then practiced scenario based pumping operations around the calls for the day.  At approximately 1630hrs, tanker 18 officially went back into service.  The rig ran three runs during the weekend with minimal operations. Thanks to our outstanding mutual aide network backing us up throughout this process.  Obviously, without your help, this would not have been possible.  Photos

6 run Saturday 
Saturday was steady at the 18 house with an MVA, RIT assignment, 3 brush fires and a medical run.  At approx 0100 hrs the rescue was dispatched as the RIT truck for a structure box in New Milford.  New Milford 16 arrived to find a chimney fire with no extension and held the box with the exception of NME3 and HE4.  The rescue was returned in a short time.  At 0715hrs, R18 and 18-9 were sent to Rt 106 in area 24 for a MVA, car vs tree with possible entrapment.  Units arrived to find the lone occupant self extricated. 

R18 assisted with traffic and scene safety while 18-9 was returned.  Units cleared in approx 20 mins. At 1115 hrs, the brush fire was dispatched on SR 2035 Lenox Township.  Chief 18-3 marked on scene with approx an acre involved.  A turn in wind began a quick spread of the fire.  Command requested additional units into the scene for brush trucks and manpower.  HA5 and 24-9 established rehab for the crews.  Units cleared in about 90 minutes.  At 1640hrs, the medical assisting 28EMS was transmitted at Elk Mtn with a brush fire on Sr2027 following shortly.  The next due bls was sent to the mountain while B18-3 and the tanker handled the brush run.  Finally, at approx 2130hrs, B18-3 was requested to area 60 for a large brush fire.  B18-3 and the crew were returned to service quickly.

3 run Sunday keeps 18 busy
Sunday afternoon kept the volunteers at Station 18 busy with a mixed bag of calls.  The first run was transmitted at approx 1215hrs for the MVA at mm 212.8 northbound in Harford’s first due.  R18 and 18-9 responded.  While enroute the incident was scaled back, with 18-9 being returned and the rescue continuing in to handle traffic and the initial block.  While operating, the working structure box was transmitted on Bartholomew Road, in Harford’s first due, for the working barn fire with extension into the field.  R18, L18, Br18-3 and 18-9 were on the run.  R18 set up as the command post and cascade, L18 positioned at the A/B corner and placed the elevated master stream into service and supplied HE4 with water.
Brush 18-3 assisted with the suppression efforts in the brush fire sector while 18-9 staged on Rt106.  While in staging, the ATV vs. car was transmitted on SR2020.  18-9 arrived and established patient care with New Milford Ambulance arriving and assisting.  The patient was loaded aboard New Milford’s rig and transported to the LZ.  All 18 units returned to service at approximately 17:30hrs. 
Quick knock on 
28 box
On Monday March 9, at approx 1600hrs, the 28 box was transmitted for a working residential fire on Chet’s Road, Herrick Township.   On the assignment: E28-1, E41, E52, R28-4, R18, L18, T28, T52, TT4, and 28-3.  E52 marked on scene of a two story farmhouse with a working fire in the basement. 
E52 placed a 1 ¾” in service to the area getting a quick knock on the fire before it could work its way into the walls  of the balloon construction.  Crew’s from 28 and 18 assisted the interior crew with overhaul and ventilation of the structure while 41 stood fast in staging.  T52 laid 400’ of LDH to a nearby source to establish water to the scene.  Units cleared within the hour. Photos
L18 on 75 
At approximately 0230hrs on Tuesday, February 10, 2009, L18 was dispatched to assist Station 75 on a working fire assignment in Waymart Borough, Wayne County.  Chief 75 arrived on scene reporting the fully involved, single story commercial and requested additional units.  L18 set-up at the A/D corner for ladder pipe operations.  Water supply to the ladder was handled by R75.  Once ladder pipe operations ceased, 18 assisted with overhaul and returned to service at approximately 05:30hrs. More

18 arrives to a fully involved residence
At 0208hrs on Wednesday February 4, the 1801 box was transmitted for a working basement fire on Rt 106, Clifford Twp.  On the assignment: E24, HE4, E41, L18, R18, R59, T24, HT3, T36 18-9 and 24-9.  Chief 18 marked on scene within four minutes, establishing the “106 Command”, reporting a 2 story wood frame residential with heavy fire venting from sides “B” and “D” and all occupants out.  Command requested the 2nd alarm be transmitted with the operation being defensive to protect the side “B” exposure which was a gas station with a pump and storage building within five feet of the structure. 
L18 was positioned on side “B” of the structure due to the power lines on side “A” with E24 establishing a dump site to supply the ladder.  With limited access to water due to the weather, the third alarm tanker assignment was requested.  HE4 established water from a nearby stream and T60 laid LDH out for the supply.  E41 established the fill site for the shuttle in another nearby stream with a tough pull from the roadway down to the water. Once the fire was darkened and the fire exposure was reduced to the powerlines, L58 positioned on side “D”  to handle suppression operations in that sector.  Squad 59 established rehab while 43 Car handled crew accountability.  Crews operated for over four hours in temperatures near zero and extreme conditions with no injuries.  Thank you to all the mutual departments that assisted and Pastor Peg from the Methodist Church for providing additional coffee for the crews. Photos

Another working fire
Just before 0800 on Thursday morning, the 1802 box was transmitted for the working structure fire, a chimney fire that had spread into the walls.  On the assignment: E24, HE4, L18, R36, R59, T24,  HT3, T36, 18-9 and 24-9. While enroute Communications advised of the confirmed working fire in a two story residential. Photos

Chief 18 added an additional engine, rescue and two tankers.  18-1 marked on scene establishing the “2037 Command” reporting a  2 ½ story wood frame residential with smoke showing from division 1 and 2 with occupants still inside.  Additional BLS and ALS were requested along with L58. 
L18 arrived and began laddering the building along with stretching an 1 ¾” line.  E24 arrived and accessed division 2 to find smoke pushing from the side “A” wall.  The crews worked to open up the outside of division 2 and stopped the fire spread as it was headed for the attic. 

Crews continued to open division 1 & 2 to access the fire in the stubborn balloon frame residence.  HT3 laid LDH into the scene which was picked up by E63 as the supply.  43 Car had accountability/staging while E41 handled the RIT detail. 

The fire was knocked down by tank water and the LDH did not need to go in-service.  The second alarm was filled out for additional crews to complete the overhaul.  Units cleared in just over 2 hours.  Thanks to all for a good job. See photos from  www.43fire.com.

Another first due box
For the second afternoon in a row, the first due structure box was transmitted on SR2008, Clifford Township for the chimney fire, possible structure fire.  Chief 24a marked on scene reporting the fire was contained to the chimney of a single story ranch. Chief 18-1 arrived assuming the “Airport Rd” command slowing all units as crews confirmed there was no extension. E23, E41, HE4, L18, T24, T36 and 24-9 were held while the rest of the assignment was returned. Units cleared with 45 minutes.

L-18, R-18 on 3rd alarm job in Harford’s first due
Thermometer read -25 F
On Friday evening, January 16, at approximately 1900 hours, the working structure box with possible entrapment was transmitted for 29 Main Street in Kingsley, Harford Township. 

Ladder 18 and the Rescue were on the assignment.  With the area in a deep freeze, first due units were faced with temperatures in the valley of -25 below.  PD arrived on scene confirming the working fire and advised all occupants were out of the building.  HE4 arrived and deployed handlines to the well involved two story wood frame.

L18 was assigned side “B” for ladder pipe operations and the exposure protection which was a church that would later serve as a rehab center.  The ladder arrived and laid 700’ of 5” from Rt 11 and set up for ladder pipe operations. The crew split with one crew assisting set up while the other opened up and stretched a line to the rear of the structure.  NME3 established a dump site and supplied the ladder.  UT3 setup on side “D” and put the water tower in service as well from an additional water source.  Units operated for approximately 3.5 hours before clearing and spent many additional hours at the fire station thawing hose and getting rigs back in service.

Two car at SR374 and SR2033
On Saturday December 27, at approx 1400hrs, the two car MVA was transmitted at SR374 and SR2033 Clifford Twp bringing R18 and 18-9.
Chief 18-1 marked on scene establishing the “374 command” with two cars and heavy damage.  With two pt’s, a second BLS rig was requested from 24.  28-3 (Pleasant Mt) was crewed at station and also added to the run.  The rescue arrived establishing the safety zone, handling hazards and stabilizing the vehicle. The rescue crew also assisted packaging the patients.  18-9 transported one with ALS to the trauma center with 28-3 also heading to the city meeting ALS enroute.  24-9 was held in-service to cover the area.  Units assisted PSP and the recovery service to clear the roadway and handle traffic.  Units cleared within the hour. Photos

Construction truck crash
On Friday December 19, Lt18c found a construction vehicle crashed at the picnic grounds on Rt106 with no occupants and fluids down.  R18 was dispatched to control the hazards and standby while the vehicle was removed.  The crew placed pads in the water to contain and absorb the fluids and handled traffic while the vehicle was removed.  Crews cleared around 0900.

18 runs first due box
Just as a severe round of thunderstorms were clearing the area Susquehanna County dispatched the 1805 box for the structure fire on Sr 2012 for the house struck by lightning. 18-1 arrived and reported a light smoke condition in the basement and on Division 1 of the two story residential. Due to an apparent lighting strike on the C/D corner of the residence. The area around the strike was opened up and confirmed no further extension and the area was foamed down. Command held the box for approximately 45 minutes before returning all units. Units on the box: L-18,L-43,E-24,E-52,E-41,HE-3,T-24,HT-3,T-36,18-9,24-9

18 works tractor trailer crash
At approximately 2330hrs on Tuesday July 29, the MVA assignment was transmitted for a tractor trailer that had crossed both north and southbound lanes and went over a large embankment.  R18, E24, 18-9, and 24-9 were on the box.  While enroute, Susquehanna Communications Center advised Chief 18 that they were receiving multiple calls on the accident and callers were confirming injury and that the patient was still in the cab with an non-placarded load. 
With the reports being received on both location and patient status, R36 was special called to assist.   The area of the crash was in a construction zone which made access a challenge.  R18 arrived and established lighting and began treatment of the patient who had self-extricated.  E24 was assigned traffic with R36 being returned to service.  18-9 transported one with ALS to the local trauma center while 24-9 stood by for the crews.  Units remained on scene to assist PSP while the recovery service removed the rig and debris.  Units cleared just before 0400. Photos

18 triple pulls on 28 commercial box
Early Tuesday at approximately 0130hrs, the 28 Box was struck for 123 Great Bend Turnpike in Herrick Township for the working structure fire at MJ’s Corner Café’.  Chief 28 arrived to find a working fire in a  commercial 2 story wood frame and immediately requested additional resources with 18 requested for a full response. 
L18, R18 and 18-9 responded on the job with 18-9 handling an MVA while enroute.  Chief 18-2 arrived and had a face to face with 28 command.  Command requested L18 to Side D for offensive operations and Chief 18-2 to handle Operations.

L18 arrived positioning on side Delta with the crew splitting – one throwing ground ladders and the second heading to the roof via the main ladder to open up.  R18 was positioned on the A/B corner and served as the command post, cascade and provided lighting.

Once on the roof initial horizontal ventilation was completed on division 2 and 3, side Delta, it was decided to trench the roof of the large dining hall to stop the fire spread from the main building .  18 handled one side of the trench and vented the roof of the main structure while L43 cut the second side.  Once roof top ventilation was completed, 18 opened up on all divisions along with locating fire pockets.

Once the fire was knocked down, both high-rise packs were stretched from the tip of the ladder and extended to division 2 and 3 for overhaul.  E24 ran a line in to provide foam for the final wet down.  18-9 assisted with FF rehab throughout the incident along with other EMS units.  Crews worked for over five hours on the scene mopping up. Click for photos.

Tractor trailer rollover closes out four run Monday
At 1719hrs on Monday evening, the MVA assignment was transmitted for a tractor trailer rolled over at the 206.6 northbound mile marker. Reports had the patient self extricated but “shaken up pretty good” with an unknown cargo.  On the assignment: E24, R18, L18, 18-9 and 24-9.  18-14 marked on scene reporting a tractor trailer on its side at the end of the construction with fluids down. 
R18 marked on scene taking the driving lane with Chief 18 establishing the 206 command reporting a container trailer on its side with fluids from the tractor on the roadway.  L18 took the north side to assist with spill containment and suppression.

Due to the transport container, and the driver not knowing what was in the container, precautions were taken and an aggressive push put on to confirm the cargo.  Once the cargo was confirmed a low hazard, the recovery service stepped and an righted the vehicle.  R18 and E24, who had the backlog traffic, remained on scene assisting PSP until the vehicle was removed.  Units cleared at approximately 2130hrs.  Pix

Ladder heads to FC for training and Borough assist
On Monday evening August 11, the Ladder crewed up and headed over the hill to area 41 to assist at the Borough building with some roof top issues that required the ladder for access, along with apparatus positioning at various target hazards in the Borough.  The first stop was the Borough building.  Multiple locations were selected for placement of the Ladder which all reached the roof top with no issues.  The crew went top side and addressed the issue facing the borough and resolved the problem. 
From there it was off to one of the Apartment Complex’s to once again try different apparatus placement’s to confirm the preplan’s.  The crew returned home around 2030hrs after a successful evening. Photos
RUV in Service
Station 18 in conjunction with Rusty Palmer’s and Kawasaki, have 
placed a 2008 RUV in service.  This vehicle is obviously available to all our surrounding departments. Susquehanna County has it in service at the center and is working on placing it into the CAD. It is trailered and ready to go.  We typically will keep brush equipment in the back that is quickly removable for patient transport.

Working Van fire shuts down the “I”
On a busy Friday afternoon, July 11, the vehicle fire assignment was transmitted for the Interstate at mm 205.5 northbound, Benton Township.  On the box: E24, L18, R18, T24 and 18-9.  Chief 18-3(Seman) marked on scene establishing the 205 command reporting a working compartment fire in a full size conversion van. 
Due to it’s location, PSP had the northbound lanes blocked creating gridlock on the Interstate.  The ladder and the rescue hit the cross over at the county line and headed south in the northbound to access the fire. 

Crews arrived and placed an 1 ¾” in service and got a quick knock on the fire.  Harford Tanker was placed on standby as a precaution.  Crews from 18 & 24 quickly mopped up and cleared along with placing Harford back in service. Nice job by all involved. Photos More photos

A four run Thursday evening at 18
Thursday evening, July 10, had a good plan heading into it – a Drill in area 41, pizza, cookies and back to the coverage area.  That plan began to unravel at approximately 1700hrs when an EMS assist to 18PD was dispatched as a non-emergent standby that quickly escalated into an urgent response to the scene.  Crews operated with 18PD for 30mins with no transports.  The planned drill at Forest City Nursing Facility and Personal Care was dispatched at 1915hrs with L18, R18, and 18-9 on the box.  Ladder 18 arrived with five and was assigned primary search duties of the Personal Care Facility with the Rescue and 18-9 staging with seven.  The ladder crew went to work on the search while the Chauffeur sent the aerial device to the roof.  Photos from the drill 

While the Ladder crew was performing the search,  the 1805 box was transmitted for a fully involved barn fire on SR2012, Clifford Township.  Ironically, the majority of the box was operating at the drill.  On the assignment:  E24, E41, E52, L18, L43, R18, T24, T52, T36, 18-9 and 24-9.  The Rescue and 18-9 went on the street instantly with the remainder of the alarm responding within three minutes. 
E52 marked on scene with 52-22 establishing the SR2012 command reporting a fully involved barn fire with partial collapse.  E52 deployed a blitz gun to begin the knock down.  Chief 18-3 arrived assuming the command position aboard R18 requesting additional resources to the scene.  L18 arrived and set up on the AB corner on the roadway with E24 establishing the water.  Chief 18-2 assumed the operations roll with Chief 24 handling water. 

Additional special calls included: E42, SQ59, HT3, T28, E28-4.  Approximately 2000’ of LDH was deployed to two draft sites and a tanker shuttle established to supply L18 and L43 with multiple lines deployed from E52.  The bulk of the fire was knocked down within 30 minutes with an extensive overhaul ahead.  A backhoe was brought in to assist in overhaul which was greatly appreciated. 

Units operated for approximately 4 hours with no injuries and returned to service only to send 18-9 and the Rescue to a med call on the way home. Pictures 

Monday brings 3 working fires and a pin
After a very busy weekend, the crews from 18 picked up the pace with a dispatch at 0210hrs Monday morning when the Ladder was dispatched to a 2nd alarm assignment in area 42.  L18 responded and was assigned side C of the building in a tight alley.  Crews were faced with a large residential with heavy fire.  Upon arrival the crew set up for ladder pipe operations along with L58 operating on side A. 

Chief 18-2 (O’Rourke) was detailed to the side C sector officer for operations.  18-9 was special called to the scene to assist in rehab. Captain 18 and crew worked with crews from Cottage and FCEMS.  The crew from 18 operated for approximately 90 minutes before clearing.

Just before noon, the ladder headed to Montrose to assist crews with a working commercial building fire on Rt706.  The Ladder arrived and the crew assisted United on the interior with overhaul.  L18 was returned after a short time.
At approximately 0515hrs, Hop Bottom Fire, Thompson Amb and R18 were dispatched for a MVA with entrapment on SR92 just north of Glenwood.  T11 arrived on scene confirming one heavily entrapped. 

18-1 arrived on scene in his POV and requested the rescue expedite and provide a full deployment upon arrival.  TE1 deployed their HRT and the full deployment off R18 provided a rapid extrication and great teamwork between the departments.

At approximately 2130 hrs, the box was struck for a working house fire on SR2067, Gibson Twp in Harford’s first due. 

Ladder 18 arrived and positioned on side A with Chief 18-3 reporting the two story residential with flames showing from all divisions. 

A second alarm was transmitted.  TE1 arrived and worked the fire along with the crew from 18 and Hop Bottom on the initial knock down. 

HBE1 laid out and LDH line to a nearby stream for the primary water supply.  NE1 picked up the center of the lay and supplied L18. 

HT3 established a secondary supply via tanker shuttle with E611 providing a fill site.  Crews worked for about two hours before clearing.  18-9 established the rehab with Harford and Thompson ambulances standing by for transport. R7 had the RIT assignment.  Photos

Fire destroys Main Street home
On Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 0224hrs, the 1801 assignment was transmitted for the working house fire at 48 Main Street in Clifford.  On the assignment: E24, HE4, E41, L18, R59, R36, T24, HT3, T36, 18-9 and 24-9.  Chief 18 checked enroute with communications reporting multiple 911 calls being received.  L58, E52, NE1 were added to the run. As units responded, Chief 18 marked on scene establishing the “106 Command” reporting a two story, wood frame residential with heavy fire showing from all divisions and an exposure on side B of another two story, wood frame residential.  The request to fill out the second alarm was transmitted to Susquehanna Communications. 

L18 arrived positioning at the split of the two residences placing in service two 1 ¾” lines along with the ladder pipe to protect the exposure and darken side C of the fire building.  E24 laid LDH into the nearby stream to establish water while T24 nursed into L18.  R59 arrived positioning at the C/D corner and established the RIT.
L58 positioned to the rear of L18 with both 18 and 58 going to work for vertical ventilation.  An aggressive interior attack was attempted and quickly redirected to exterior operations as conditions rapidly deteriorated.  The ladder pipes then went into service from both L18 and L58.  Crews from 36, 41 and Harford threw multiple ground ladders and assisted in establishing the dump site. 

A second LDH was secured by E52 and a tanker shuttle established on the east end providing adequate water for both ladder pipes and multiple hand lines. The fire was knocked down and crews cautiously re-entered portions of the building for overhaul.  After extensive overhaul, NE1’s foam line was placed into service for side C of the structure.

Units operated for just over fours hours on the incident with no injuries reported and minimal thermal damage to the exposure.  Excellent teamwork on behalf of the mutual aide departments provided the best outcome possible.  Thanks to all involved.  Check for more photos
Command assignments
Command    Chief 18
Command Aide Chief 43A
Operations   Chief 18-2
Water         Chief 18-1
Accountability  18-15
Safety   Lt 24 
Units Operating
Engines:  24, 28, 41, 52, 63, HE4, HBE1, NE1, NE2
Ladders: 18, 58
Rescues: 36, 59
Tankers: 24, 28, 36, 52, 63, HT3
EMS:    18-9, 24-9, HA2
Car 43

Aerial apparatus class concludes
On Sunday May 4, the Aerial Apparatus class wrapped up with a full day operations.   The crews traveled to Elk Mountain where they were met with a host of exposures to deal with.  Offensive and defensive truck set-ups and operations where addressed along with masterstream operations placed into service. 

Crews from Clifford, Greenfield, Hop Bottom, City of Carbondale, and Throop attended the class.  Once again, Captain Semenza provided a great class.  A special thanks to Elk Mountain for allowing us the opportunity to train at their facility.  Photos

House cleared for 24 Box
At appoximately 1800hrs on Monday April 28, the 24 Box was transmitted for a structure fire on Rt247, Greenfield Township.  On the assignment: E24, E36, E52, R18, R59, L18, T24, T18, T36, T52, T60, 24-9, and 18-9.  E24 arrived on scene reporting a single story residential with heavy smoke in the basement. 

A crew from 24 &18 stretched a line into the basement, finding heavy smoke and no fire. 

L18 arrived spliting crews handling the first due truck responsilities with the remainder of 18 staging on side A per command.  A furnace malfunction was to blame with 24 command holding 24 & 18, returning the rest of the assignment.  Units remained on scene for approximately 30 mins continuing ventalation and packing up. Photolink

Vehicle in the drink
On Wednesday April 23, at approximately 0700hrs, the motor vehicle assignment was dispatched in Lenox township, Hop Bottom Fire's first due. 
On the run: HBE1, HBR4, R18 and HAM2.  HB11 arrived on scene establishing the command with one vehicle approximately 85% submerged with unknown occupants.  Dive 36 was requested. 

R18 arrived serving as the command post, staging tag lines and PFD's to assist Dive 36 upon their arrival.  Dive 36 made their way to the vehicle with negative findings in or around the SUV. The recovery service arrived and removed the SUV while PSP investigated.  Crews boomed the overflow and placed pads in the water to address the spilled fluids while command updated county EMA.  Units cleared around 0900. Photolink

Close call on the interstate
Every so often I feel compelled to share a situation with everyone to try and improve operations, safety or something of the like.  This morning at mm211 was one of those situations that at best would be referenced a "close call". 18, Harford, 24 and 36 where operating on a tractor trailer fire at the 211 northbound exit ramp at approximately 0500hrs this morning.  The tractor trailer was located on the "triangle section of the ramp exposing FF's to both the driving lane and the ramp traffic. 

Harford 11 arrived first, establishing the 211 command and requested Harford tanker and T24 access from the 106 side (the wrong direction on the exit ramp) and L18, R18 and E24 take the interstate side. All units took their respective locations and went to work. 

L18 45'd the ramp and strectched a line with R18 taking the driving lane.  Both rigs were positioned to protect the scene.  T36 also took a position blocking the scene while operating.  The fire was extinguished with no issues and rigs racked back up. 
As approximately 10 FF's stood in the "safe area" on the ramp, Lt Price was about to move the L18 up the ramp to return to service.  As he was entering the cab, Asst Chief O'Rourke and FF Rudalavage were standing fast behind the apparatus watching traffic and maintaining the flare pattern.  A vehicle was observed by Asst Chief O'Rourke entering the ramp at a high rate of speed (remember, the ramp is blocked with flares and apparatus).  Asst Chief O'Rourke yelled to FF Rudalavage,  which intern, prompted both to yell at the vehicle coming THRU the flare blockade and approaching the ladder that was protecting the scene. 
The vehicle skidded it's tires and came to a stop just feet from the ladder truck and yards from our FF's. The vehicle attempted to back up and flee at which point that was spoiled by Asst Chief O'Rourke, Chief Bales and FF Rudalavage. Photolink

Moral of the story - we came very close to smashed apparatus and injured or dead firefighters. 

As most know, 18 has taken a very proactive approach to protecting our scene's both on and off the interstate by adding extra companies to watch our backs.  This move has not come without much critizism and question - yet we continue to believe our responders safety is worth it.

This mornings incident proved a few things: 
1.  NEVER turn your back on traffic at any point in an incident.  Traffic watch isn't too glamorous but needs to be done

2.  Scene blocking apparatus paid for itself this morning.  This vehicle would have hit the ladder and at least slowed it down

3.  Remain focused on the hazard's around us - whatever portion of the incident your working on.  The fire was out, our main  exposure, it’s the things you can't control such as traffic and drivers you need to watch. 

Chief  Turner

RIT program wraps up
On Saturday April 12, the crew from 18 finished up the 16hr RIT program which was the finish to a 32hr track on both firefighter survival and RIT hosted by Great Bend Fire.  Saturday's morning session had the crews performing many tactics used to remove trapped firefighters from multiple locations.  The afternoon was full of scenario's with multiple firefighters trapped. 

The crews received a facefull of challenges to reach, extricate and remove the firefighters from the building.  Breaching walls, thru floors, and enlarged openings were just a few of the tatics used to successfully complete the detail. 

Crews from Clifford, Great Bend, Thompson and Susquehanna Fire Companies attened the training.  A big thanks to all who extended great hospitality for the training opportunity and an excellent display of teamwork for the crews involved.  Photolink

18 dispatched for possible downed plane
On Wednesday April 9, at approx 2330hrs, Susquehanna Communications transmitted a possible plane down at the intersection of SR247 and SR2023.  Calls were being received from PEMA via Lackawanna Communications of an aircraft trouble beacon being picked up in the area. 

On the assignment: R18, R41, L18, 18-9, FC6.  Chief 18 went enroute requesting coordinates of the location and placing 24 on standby.  Units arrived at the dispatch location with nothing found.  Coordinates were received and entered into the handheld GPS units.  The corrected location was approximately 800ft from Elkwood Drive and SR2023.  All units were directed to the development where the command post was established aboard R18 and units were staged. 

E24 and 24-9 were brought into the scene.  A crew from 18 walked to the coordinate location with nothing found.  Additional crews then covered an approximate 3/8 to 1/2 a mile radius around the location with nothing found. Photolink

Early start to Sunday
On Sunday, April 06, 2008 at approximately 0530hrs the MVA was transmitted for the single vehicle accident at 24 Main Street in the Village of Clifford.  R18 and 18-9 were on the run.  Lt18a reported from the scene within minutes upgrading the incident to a two vehicle accident, both vehicles into trees off the roadway with four patients, no entrapment.  With the transmission, 24-9 and an ALS rig were added to the response. 

The rescue and 18-9 marked on scene shortly after establishing a safe zone and beginning triage with Chief 18 establishing the “106 Command”.  One patient was transported with ALS to Wayne Memorial while 24-9 continued EMS assessment and obtained a refusal from the second operator.  R18 remained on scene assisting PSP and Kozlowski Towing with traffic and lighting.  Units cleared just before 0700. Photolink

Weekend keeps 18 busy
On Saturday, March 29, L18 headed to Susquehanna to wrap up the FF survival class.  The crew got a great workout and had an excellent learning experience.  We'd like to thank Great Bend Fire and Susquehanna Fire for their hospitality.  Also, Happy 20th Beatty - Mom even presented him with a cake for lunch!! Photolink

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