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Crashes, hazmat incident keeps 18 running

After a morning with two crashes from the March snow, the third box came in at approximately 1330hrs, a MVA assignment went out at mm 209 southbound I-81 for the tanker truck over the embankment unknown cargo, unknown entrapment. 

On the assignment: R-18, E-18, E-24, 18-9, 24-9.  While enroute communications advised Chief 18-1 (W.Turner) that the tanker was an empty milk hauler with the occupant out of the vehicle.  18-9 arrived and found a tank trailer over an approximate 40í embankment, extremely unstable with a fuel leak with PSP requesting 18 cancel. 

After some discussion with PSP, R-18 was redirected back to the crash to begin containment and scene protection until the spill team arrived.  While enroute back to the 210 communications sent the next MVA assignment out for a tractor trailer jackknifed into the guard rails with unknown injuries.  Chief 18-1 had E-18 divert to the 211 crash along with the special call for HE4 and HA2.  R-18 marked on scene of the 210 crash with Chief 18-1 taking the 210 command, bringing E-24 into the scene. 

Chief 18 (T.Turner) marked on scene at the 211 with a tractor trailer hard into the guardrail carrying a non-hazardous cargo and a significant fuel spill getting into the storm drain.  Chief 18-2 (D OíRourke) had the operations at 211 and began a containment operation along with the spill team. 

HE4 came into the 211 and handled the traffic safety.  18-9 rerouted from the first crash and went on scene at the 211 with HA2.  While 18 was keeping Susquehanna EMA busy with fuel spills, communications advised the 211 command that PSPís bomb squad was requesting EMS assistance on SR247 for a hazardous condition of blasting caps and old dynamite. Susquehanna EMA was also advised of this incident. 

After consultation with EMS command (D. Schulte) 41 EMS was requested to handle.  As the SR247 incident evolved a call was made to the 211 command that the bomb squad was requesting fire suppression to the scene.  It appeared the old dynamite was embedded in the floor of an old barn and the barn had to be burned by the squad. 


18 requested E-41, T-52, and T-24 to the scene and 52 Chief to take the command on SR247.  After the 210 and 211 incidents were safely cleared and the recovery and spill teams off the I, Chief 18 responded to the SR247 incident to assist.  The bomb squad successfully disposed of the explosives and all units were returned at approximately 1900hrs.  At approx 1920hrs the interstate assignment was hit yet again for possible multiple crashes at mm206, mm209, and mm210. 

On the assignment:R-18, E-24, 18-9, and 24-9.  Due to the multiple incidents HE4 and HA2 were placed on standby.  Thankfully New Milford Chief radioed that there was a disabled in the median at mm209 with no need for EMS and the rest of the sector was clear.  All units were placed back into service.